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Supply Chain and Business Management Consulting

Successful organizations understand the importance of operating a world-class supply chain, focused on customer service and efficiency. Three Lions Consulting, LLC is a boutique consulting firm that provides services for companies who need to build supply chain or business management capability. Maria Nieradka, Principal of Three Lions Consulting, LLC created her business based on demand for her expertise garnered from her extensive speaking engagements, advisory roles and repeated operational success in the life sciences industry.

Maria thrives on listening to the myriad of complex issues facing her clients and develops strategy and organization design that provides solutions to help their product or service make a successful impact in the marketplace.  Maria's deep insights on designing and implementing solutions provide tailor made offerings for her clients that connect to their company vision and mission.  These solutions enable business growth, reduce cost and develop talent in line with business strategy.  Offerings include, but are not limited to:

Supply Chain Assessment

Supply Chain assessment is a review of current capability, including people, process and technology and a proposal for future state capability.  Interviews are conducted to determine the current state, including what is going well and what is needed for improvement, aligned with overall business goals.  Working with key decision makers and stakeholders, a future state roadmap will be created with clear implementation plans and metrics for success.


People are key to supply chain and business management success.  Supporting business leaders in recruiting, retaining and promoting the right talent is a core offering at Three Lions Consulting, LLC.  Identifying talent based on the current maturity level of the supply chain organization and the desired state of maturity will be done with the client's business leaders.  Additional work on developing a high performing team to enhance the organization's performance is available.


Processes create sustainable results for organizations.  Supply Chain processes for procurement, planning, manufacturing and distribution are tailored for the client, based on their desired outcome.  Examples include; Sales and Operations Planning, Contract Manufacturing and End to End Network Planning.


Technology is an enabler of a solid process.  Identifying the right systems for the client's needs is an important part of securing success.  Systems can be simple or more complex, based on the current and desired state of the organization.

Measuring Success

Having a clear understanding of desired outcomes and how to measure success is business critical.  Defining the scorecard and implementing metrics to measure success is done with the client.  Metrics to monitor customer service, working capital and operating costs are core to driving business growth and efficiency.

Three Lions Consulting, LLC will tailor work based on the unique needs of our client.