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Maria Nieradka, Principal, Three Lions Consulting, LLC

Maria Nieradka is an accomplished Executive and Board Member with extensive success in life sciences supply chain and mergers and acquisitions.  She has a proven track record in leading large complex organizations, aligning customer and supply chain priorities, implementing change, and delivering significant results.  Maria is known for excellent leadership, communication and coaching skills and is a sought-after subject matter expert and keynote speaker on developing strategy, customer centricity, cost savings, and systems implementation. She has successfully launched over 30 new products and led M&A activities for five large corporate mergers.  Maria's scope included responsibility for a $3 Billion budget, leadership for over 2,000 employees, and assumed leadership roles of SVP and VP in multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Currently, Maria serves as an Advisory Board for AWESOME, an organization started in 2013 which focuses on achieving women's excellence in supply chain operations, management, and education.  She serves as a member of the Executive Advisory Board (EAB) for SCM World, a Gartner community based in London.  The EAB is comprised of an exclusive group of the most influential global operations executives from the world's leading companies with the purpose of developing, promoting, and progressing the discipline of supply chain management, encouraging current and future leaders to make a greater impact not only on the organizations they work for but on our wider society.  Additionally, Maria serves as a member of the Harvard Kennedy Women's Leadership Board (WLB) in Cambridge, MA.  The WLB is comprised of leaders from business, government, academia and the non-profit sector to serve and support the Women and Public Policy Program.

Her lifelong passion for art and engineering inspired her to combine the two in her approach for building people, process and technology.  This unique approach led to the creation of Three Lions Consulting, LLC.  Maria reacted to the demand for her expertise garnered from her extensive speaking engagements, advisory roles, and success in the life sciences industry.   Three Lions Consulting, LLC is a service for companies who need to build supply chain or business management capability.

Maria has over 30 years of leadership in Fortune 500 companies.  At Biogen, Maria was recruited as SVP, Global Supply Chain where she led procurement, planning, manufacturing and distribution, along with supply chain strategy.  She moved into Corporate Development as SVP, Business Development Integration to build capability for mergers and acquisitions.  Prior to Biogen, Maria was VP, Global Logistics at Merck, where she was responsible for over 130 markets for the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world.  Traveling to more than 80 countries, including key emerging markets, she built capability for distribution and channel management.  In her earlier leadership roles as VP, Supply Chain at Johnson and Johnson and VP, Global Logistics at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Maria delivered a track record of success.  She attributed this success to learning all areas of operations, including manufacturing, planning, logistics, and procurement, from the bottom up, always implementing cutting edge technology to enable world class processes with continuous improvement.

Maria holds Bachelor's Degrees in Industrial Engineering and English from Rutgers College of Engineering and Douglass College, and an MBA in Pharmaceutical Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Committed to developing leaders that deliver results, Maria sponsors Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, as well as Women's Leadership initiatives where her focus is to provide growth opportunities for women in the field of technology.